Our mission is to provide happiness through horse power to every client.Every time we achieve our goal our dreams are getting bigger.

What we do is not just a job to us, it is living the life we dreamed while trying to accomplish something greater in the tuning industry.We need to be pioneers at what we do and our love for this sport is our daily motivation.

Athanasios Farmakis

Since i was a small boy my passion has been to improve anything that was driveable and had any mechanical parts.Gt-innovation gave me the opportunity to show what i could really accomplish.

Over the years we have improved hundreds of engines from any manufacturer, vw, audi, nissan, opel, mercedes, bmw etc.. and not only for race but for street purposes also.We prefer the turbocharged engines because the gains are incredible and in our humble opinion is definitely the future of this industry.Join us for a fun and powerful tuning experience.

Nikos Kistauri

As most of the people are using the automobile as a transportation tool we feel differently.A car is not only a transportation unit to us.It is a way of living our dreams in our everyday life.

Whether the car is a roadster or Coupe, sedan or SUV, diesel, petrol or even lpg, each car has the potential to be an instrument of pleasure and excitement.We at Gt-innovation will always provide the best possible solution for our clients while keeping the cost low in order to serve a wide range of clients with any kind of car.

Georgios Baritakis
Consultant / Engineer