DSG SOFTWARE FOR Dq 200 – Dq 250 – Dq 500 – DQ381 – DL500


Features :

– Faster shifting between gears.
– Launch Control activation. (Model dependant)
– Launch control at 3600rpm or any other rpm limit.
– Torque limit increased to 500Nm or more.
– Gear display is turned on. (model dependant)
– Kickdown can be disabled, the car will no longer select gears in manual mode. Driver has full control.
– Pressure Increase from 10-11 bar to 14-15-16-17 bar (platform and application Dependent)
– Rpm limit can be increased and modified

Proof of concept.

Program your Dsg or Multitronic/s-tronic gearbox to support more torque and faster gear shifts.DSG Models Dq 200 Dq 250 And Dq 500 Can be reprogrammed for higher torque, higher rev limit and faster gear shifts.
This is a must on high powered cars with a lot of hardware modifications.

This Golf 6 R has already been modified with our dsg software. Dyno tests in what we do are extremely thorough since we need to ensure the results for our clients.

CXx DQ250