Mustang Awd 150

  • 2.000HP
  • Mechanicaly Linked
  • Datalog ready
  • Drag race ready
  • Wideband ready
  • Road Emulation

The AWD-150 boasts an impressive feature set for a baseline AWD dynamometer system. The front and rear rollers are mechanically linked with a 98-percent efficient Kevlar belt, and with an optional automatic on/off coupler the dyno can be switched between 2WD and AWD modes with the push of a button.

This Dyno also has an inside track width range of 18 to 80 inches, a 96- to 122-inch wheelbase standard (longer available), can measure 2,000 hp and hit a max speed of 175 mph. As with every performance dynamometer from Mustang Dynamometer, a full version of Mustang’s PowerDyne software package is also included.

Package options Normal Price Group Price With Tune More than 400ps
Power Curve Test 95 Euro 71.40 Euro 71.40 120 Euro
On dyno Tuning U/R U/R U/R U/R
Drag race Test +70 Euro U/R U/R +80 Euro
0-100kmh (0-60mph) +25 Euro +15 Euro +15 Euro +25 Euro
Wideband +25 Euro +15 Euro +15 Euro +25 Euro
OBDII Data +25 Euro +15 Euro +15 Euro +25 Euro
Knock Detection +25 Euro +15 Euro +15 Euro +25 Euro

All the above prices include the +19% Mwst Tax (Germany).* U/R = Under request


Power Curve Test

The power Cuve test gives you a diagram of your power potential in any rpm range. In most cases we do 3 dyno passes to secure our diagram output. You can add Extra services like obd2 datalog or wideband log on this test.


Datalogs – Analysis

Wideband/Knock Detection / OBDII Data measurements can be logged and added to your power curve diagram or any other test you need. Humidity – Atmospheric pressure and altitude are automatically logged.


Drag Race Test

In this test we run the car with or without launch control in a 0-402 meter drag race test.This measrument will give out all the previous timing data like 0-18 meters , response time, 0-100kmh Timing and 0-200-300 meters timing.


On dyno Tuning

On dyno tuning is a special service and will be discussed prior tuning the car.The cost can be different and is mostly power and time dependant.Nitrous – Big turbo applications and special tuning is carried out in this case