2008 Subaru Impreza Wrx Sti 353Ps stage 1

One more Impreza came at our Headquarters in Germany for a stage 1 ecu remapping. This time it is a 2008 WRX STi with 300ps from factory.The extended body makes this car a real monster looking rally car.


Lets get to the results that was shown in our AWD Mustang dyno from both stock and tuned dyno pulls.Car had already a complete exhaust system installed and the common boost restriction pill(valve) inside the solenoid hose.


You will notice that the car was doing more power then stock and that’s because of the exhaust system that was helping the engine to produce more power especially on high rpm.The total number of 353ps and 556nm came just after our new remap using the obd2 port and tactrix tool for flashing. The restriction pill was replaced with our own custom in order to produce 1.5 bars of boost pressure instead of 0.95 bars that this car was doing as stock.The afr was measured and was stabilized at 10.3 : 1 in order to maintain the fuel flexibility (98 and 100 octane)


This will be most probably the picture every rival is going to see after you race your car from the start line as this impreza is made for races, on and off road.

Video on the dyno :


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