BMW X6 M 2012 E71

The 2012 BMW X6 M is such an audacious exercise that we can’t help admiring BMW for actually building the thing. Using a monstrous 4.4 liter bi-turbo engine and the Siemens MSD85 engine management system, makes this car one of the fastest all around crossover SUVs in its category.


Our gains on a limited full stock car can be limited from the exhaust system but nevertheless we have seen 628ps and 966nm in our awd mustang dyno using 98 octane fuel.Although the base curb weight of this car is 2305 kg the numbers as stock the timing figures are impressive , accelerations: 0- 60 mph 4.4 s, 0- 100 km/h 4.7 s . With our software those number will decrease and especially the 0-100kmh which will drop at around 4.2 sec.The top speed limiter is set to 263kmh which can be removed.


Finally this is our dynograph for our stage 1 software upgrade on this gorgeous X6 M producing 628PS and 966NM


Video of our software development on the BMW X6M 4.4 Bi-Turbo.

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