Audi S4 3.0l S-tronic 370Ps 475nm

Using a v6 compressor 3.0l motor the new Audi S4 is one of the best value for money cars in the market.The new engine management system simos8.5 is taking care of the extra power and torque that we are going to give on this beauty.


The orginal power of this car is 333ps(328hp) and 440nm and in our awd dyno we have seen 327ps and 425nm with the use of 95 octane fuel.The car has no kind of engine or performance modifications.


For our stage 1 tune there is no need of additional hardware but if you need some more power and torque, a pulley upgrade and an exhaust upgrade is mandatory.With a tune specially made for 95 octane fuel here is our dyno graph.


As you are checking the diagram you will notice a small interference between 2000 and 3000 rpm which is actually a half throttle pull to prevent the downshifting of the dsg gearbox.As the dsg gearbox is not programmed at this stage, downshifting can not be prevented differently.The total numbers on our stage 1 tune using 95 octane fuel is 370ps and 475nm of torque.


The engine runs healthy with an AFR (air to fuel ratio) of 11.4 : 1 to 11.5 : 1 at WOT(wide open throttle) and the power keeps rising until the rpm limiter.We can offer 3 stages for this engine with or without hardware upgrades(compressor pulley). Dsg – S-tronic upgrades are also available and you can find more info at our dsg section.

With a stage 2 software the car can easily get to 400ps and 500nm but 100 octane fuel is required.


Video of the dyno measurements here :

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