Tsi Gen 3 & 4 - EA888

Obd programming for all Med17 and Siemens simos 8-10-12-18-19 ecus. Be a partner today with live support and on demand custom modifications.

Advanced Ecu Remaps

Launch control - No lift shift - Rolling launch and Multiple map switching functions for simos18 and med17 available.

Tune Via obd2

BMW - MB Obd2 port flashing now available.We use the new advanced Flashtec Cmd, Alientech kess3, BFlash, PcmFlash, Gt-flasher for our main everyday work.

Mustang AWD Dyno

4wd Dyno Tuning on all models, Wideband, Boost, Datalog analysis on demand.


Tuning hardware, car parts, spare ecus and lots of other equipment can be provided by us with the lowest possible cost for our registered clients.

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