History of Gt-innovation


    Since our inception in December 2005, GT-Innovation has been on an extraordinary journey, dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive industry. What started as a humble endeavor offering performance enhancements to local workshops and dealerships has blossomed into a global leader in the field. Our core expertise lies in the art of software modifications for all types of engine management systems, whether they are aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Thanks to your unwavering support, GT-Innovation has spread its influence across the globe, reaching every corner of the automotive world.

    Today, our mission is to spearhead software development efforts within the global performance industry, pioneering innovation through proprietary code and patented mapping techniques. We’ve consistently been at the forefront of groundbreaking developments, from introducing software solutions for continental Simos 8/12/14/18/19 and med17 in the latest Tsi engines. However, our commitment to innovation knows no bounds.

    Our journey in software development has led us to create custom Flashing applications, protocols, and unique functionalities like multimap support for Bosch and Siemens engine management systems. These innovations can be seamlessly accessed and flashed using Windows, Android, or iOS devices, cementing our position as leaders in the automotive software world.


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    2006 –

    As any vision-er in 2005 we established our company and our journey in the tuning industry started with success and great achievements.We were always focused in the electronic part of an engine and till today this is what we do with 100% success rate.

    2006 –

    At 2007 we were in charge of developing software for a well know firm in Greece for all the TFSI and FSI engines that were just debuting on the market.Golf 5 AXX – Audi S3 8P were our first projects which started from stage one tunes and end up with big turbo conversion producing up to 470hp.

    2008 –

    Trying to be a part of the race world we were participating in almost every drag / drift race that was taking place in our homeland.We were also traveling across the world to establish our dealer network and tune different types of engine management systems all over the world.

    2010 –

    As we wanted to go further we started to experiment with electronic equipment and develop gauges and special electronic devices to help us provide the most accurate software configuration for any type of engine management system.

    2013 –

    Our headquarters relocation was done.We moved our facility to Germany so we can be closer to any new developments on the automotive industry as well as tune the latest cars that were coming up on the market.Our new AWD mustang dyno was also order from USA and we upgraded our equipment with Alien-tech products.