GT-Flasher and Logger

In our efforts to improve our Services and over all experience with our Dealers and Clients We have created our own Flashing and logging application that can be used on many platforms and brands.

Gt-Flasher and Logger is Using the UDS over canbus protocol to provide logging and flashing functionality using a j2534 obd2 interface ( Tactrix ). There are many j2534 obd2 interfaces that are compatible with our software but all our tests and development has been done around and with the Tactrix interface.

We have developed our product to support Med17 and Simos18 engine management systems but many more will be available in the future.We do also support dq250 dq381 and dq500 DSG transmissions.

The Logging modes that are supported are Read data by identifier (Fast sample rate) and Read memory by address (very fast sample rate 20hz+). In addition GT-Flasher can read or clear DTCs stored in the ecu and perform Basic software identification functions and requests for Vin, Flash-counters, Software and hardware versions.

The key points of this application are :

  • User friendly lightweight windows application (windows 10)
  • Easy to run and setup (App + j2534 drivers)
  • CAN/UDS and Tp2.0 compatibility
  • Works with many j2534 obd dongles (request list)
  • Server support for Data-logging channels
  • Fully configurable Graph viewer with speed and zoom capabilities
  • Online credit system for in-app purchase options
  • Up to 20hz logging capabilities on advanced modes
  • Flash counters reset on bosch Med17 ecus

*Note (Several Functions are only available for internal development in cooperation with our dealer network)

The definitions for the diagnostic sensor channels or measurement blocks are coming directly from our server for ease of use. They are predefined and grouped into several different Categories so the user can log fast and easy, everything that is needed.

The read memory by address protocol (advanced logging) can be used to monitor all the available ram variables from the engine management system in speeds that are supported usually by the factory development tools like Inca or Diagra D. With a custom patch on the oem firmware we can have access to any memory areas and on some cases even faster logging speeds.

A small showcase of a data logging video can be seen here :

The flashing of any supported ecu is trivial once the ecu is identified and the correct protocol is selected. Our flasher is using the standard Uds flashing procedure by writing a full file with all data sectors, or it can be configured to flash only the calibration area once the ecu is patched.

The duration for flashing/programming the ecu with our custom software takes between 6 to 8 minutes for a full flash or 2 to 4 mins for a partial flash.

Our software supports ecu recovery on most supported platforms if the Flashing procedure is interrupted. You can restart the flashing procedure if the previous attempt has failed.

The software can be obtained by registering in our online portal. You will need to have a valid email address to register. After the registration and activation you can purchase some credits to activate the license for flashing or logging your car.

Once you login you can download the application and the j2534 tactrix driver from the flasher sub-menu. In this menu you will also find your active license and the active options / protocols you have purchased.


GT-Flasher for Android



Yes we just did that as well. An android application that will help our dealers deliver our products anywhere in the world in just a matter of seconds.

Using the knowledge we acquired building our custom flashing and logging application for windows we are now proud to announce that all of our protocols will be also available for android Phones and Tablets.

But that’s not just it.In order to be able to communicate with the vehicle a new wireless interface was also needed. Most of the interfaces in the market are usb so we needed to build one from scratch.


Combining all of the communication technologies into one device and using our own custom firmware we were able to produce one more piece that completed the puzzle.

USB, BLE and (soon) Wifi support will make the flashing procedure trivial to execute.

Our application is currently available only for android 10+ devices and can be found in playstore. An account at our portal will be needed to access our solutions. The distribution of the Gt-flasher dongles is done only by Certified Dealers worldwide.

Here is a small video of a DQ500 DSG gearbox flashing procedure using Gt-flasher for Android. The Car is a 2018 audi TTRS daza and the phone used is a Samsung S21.