About GT-Innovation

in 2006 we started offering our services to local workshops and dealerships that were in need of performance modifications for every kind of vehicle.As the years passed we evolved into something bigger and without any hesitation we took big steps in every aspect of the industry.We are specialized in software modifications on any engine management system aftermarket or oem.Gt-innovation has now expanded almost into every continent thanks to your support.

Our current vision is to lead the software development of the worldwide performance industry while we innovate with our custom code and map patents. We were among the first who offered high power Tfsi Packages for med9 back in 2006, we were among the first who converted Tsi engine with k04 turbochargers in 2009 and we are one of the first companies who provided software for continental Simos 8/12/14/18 in the new tsi engines but our innovation does not stop there. Software developing for Bmw  MSD/V engine management systems were also one of our great achievements since we were the first Company that produced more then 100 HP on 335 BMW biturbo models.

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