Audi TT 2.0l TFSI

One of the most lightweight and sporty car is the Audi TT. This TT is equipped with the 2.0l TFSI Engine. Our Stage 2 tune for 98 octane fuel is transforming this rocket into a race car producing 272ps and 435nm of torque.


This model is a DSG.We can also provide the dsg tune in order to support greater torque handling – higher rev limiters – manual shifting options and more pressure to the clutches. This is the Dynosheet as a proof of concept of our tuning abilities.


The software that was specially designed for the engine management systems has improved fuel pressure maps, both low pressure(lpfp) and high pressure(hpfp) fuel pumps to cover any fuel insufficiency while keeping the stock safety triggers and maps working exactly as from the factory.

Feel free to contact us for more information and more details about the procedure.This car can and will be tuned directly from the OBD 2 Port.Last but not least the video.


Available Hardware and Software numbers :

Hw: 0261S02519 Sw: 387549

Hw: 0261S02084 Sw: 386455

Hw: 0261S02520 Sw: 387550

Hw: 0261S02085 Sw: 386828

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