EA888 Gen 3 TSI 1.8T 2.0T

The new generation of Tsi Engines are here.Upgrades your power with our advanced software today.


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> Development

Gt-innovation is dedicated to provide the most advanced software upgrades using excessive testing on all fuel qualities, all altitudes and all temperatures around the world.

> Enviroment compatibility

Our latest products for upgrading the gen 3 ea888 Tsi engine were tested on climates and altitude of mexico and south africa along with their low fuel quality and the initial development has been done in our Headquarters in Germany.

> Options

Stage 1 – 2 – 3 And Big Turbo Applications Are available For the latest generation of TSI engine using the simos12/18 engine managment system . Obd 2 Tuning can be performed without the need of removing your ECU.

YearMakerModelEngineStock powerStage1Stage2stage3
2015+AudiTTS2.0l310ps & 380nm+45ps & +70nm+82ps & +90nm+126ps & +110nm
2014+AudiS3(8v)2.0l300ps & 380nm+48ps & +50nm+82ps & +90nm+130ps & +132nm
2014+VwGolf 7 GTI2.0l220ps & 350nm+45ps & +70nm+67ps & +80nm+106ps & +112nm
2014+VwGolf 7 R2.0l300ps & 380nm+48ps & + 50nm+82ps & +90nm+130ps & +132nm
2014+SeatLEON FR1.8l180ps & 250nm+30ps & +40nm+45ps & +50nm+72ps & +62nm
2015+SeatLEON Cupra2.0l280ps & 350nm+65ps & + 75nm+82ps & +90nm+130ps & +132nm

Engine power is as reported by vw for 95/98 octane fuel    Stage 1 is for 95 octane fuel stage 2 & 3 fro 98/100 octane fuel. The power and torque gains on the above Chart are Peak power gains over stock measurements.

Dyno Graphs are constanlty updated as we develop our updates

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  • gti-stage2-web
  • gti-stage1-web

Crankshaft figures are estimated based on the measured wheel figures. Results may vary depending upon environmental conditions, vehicle, transmission, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures, fuel grade, dyno type, dyno setup, other variables and other modifications.

Our stage 1, 2 and 3 Software upgrades have been carefully designed and tested for boost levels that will allow the engine management system to preserve the safety of the engine , turbocharger and factory clutch. Be sure that your factory clutch is not worn off when you select to upgrade your engine with Stage 3 .

Fuel efficiency will be increased in normal cruising driving conditions .In case of track use or constant and hard accelerations fuel efficiency will decrease and the car will not be in economy mode.All new engine managment systems do recognize the driver intentions from the throttle usage so they can adapt accordingly.

All of our engine managment modification software has passed emission tests without problems.As long as the catalyst of the exhaust is in good condition all the emission tests will be passed.

The reprogramming procedure of the engine managment system or the transmission control module can be done via OBDII protocol with the use of our special programming devices.

All EA888 Engines are equipped with Continental (siemens) engine managment units like Sim 12 and Sim 18 that are found on the latest Vw Golf 7 – Audi A3/S3 – Leon Fr/Sc/Cupra .