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Bmw Fxx 2009- 2016

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From 2009 until 2014 all Bmw Fxx models were implemented with a security feature for not allowing the owner to reprogram their factory engine managment system for more power and torque.This changed on october 2014 and now all models are finaly unlocked and ready to be tuned.

Bmw Petrol F series cars are equiped with the next generation turbo and biturbo engines that can produce enormous amount of power and torque while keeping the fuel efficiency at normal levels.

Bmw Fxx Models

  • BMW 1 Series F20 / F21 MY2011
  • BMW 2 Series F22 MY2014
  • BMW 3 Series F30 / F31 / F32 MY2011
  • BMW 3 Series GT F34 MY2013
  • BMW 4 Series F32 / F33 / F36 MY2014
  • BMW 4 Series GC F36 MY2014
  • BMW 5 Series F10 / F11 MY2009
  • BMW 5 Series GT F07 MY2009
  • BMW 6 Series F12 / F13 MY2011
  • BMW 6 Series GC F06 MY2012
  • BMW X3 F25 MY2011
  • BMW X4 F26 MY2012
  • BMW X5 F15 MY2013
  • BMW X6 F16 MY2014
  • BMW M5 2011 F10/F11
  • BMW M4 2014 F82
  • BMW M3 2015 F80
ModelStage 1Stage 2
F10/F11/F12 2.0D800800
F20/F21/F22 1.6 D800800
F01/F02 3.0D800900
F15/F16 3.0D800900
F25/F26 2.0D 3.0D800900
F82 M49001100
F10 M59001100
F80 M39001100

All new Fxx models are equipped by default with DPF filter. DPF stands for diesel particle filter.Those filters are used to reduce emission related gases and particles that are generated from the engine but they reduce power figures as well.

All of our boost maps have the turbo protection safety as the factory maps have.Those safety features are altered acording to the horse power stage and fuel quality.


Those filters are regenerating when they are full but in some cases when bad quality fuel is used they get clogged and damaged.If your country`s regulations allow DPF removal we can do that for you by disabled the DPF from inside the engine managment system.


Number 1 priority is the engine safety so in every software upgrade we do not disable boost protection maps as other companies do.Be sure that your engine will stay safe using our software as long as you have defined the fuel quality that you use daily to your vehicle.

When the vehicle has high mileage with the same dpf filter or turbocharger owner should report that to the workshop prior tuning. All engine managment systems from fxx models will be programmed on bench. This means that the ecu will be removed opened and programmed.This way offers a full backup of the ecu data.

Sometimes Speed limiter (vmax) is also active on the Gearbox.In this case if the gearbox can not be reprogrammed vmax can not be disabled.

Egr valves are known to cause problems on the engine and either need to be cleaned or replaced when the car has surpassed the 100.000kmh barrier.

With all of our stage 1 maps you will notice that the car will consume less fuel.This is due to our fine tuning and the higher engine power that will be produced when you install our software.The difference can be from 0.3l to 0.8l less per 100kmh.The efficiency is different from engine to engine.


The dynamometer data that are provided in this page were aquired from our headquarters dyno (Mustang AWD) in Germany.We will update our dynographs as soon as we have something better developed.If you require more info please email us with your request.

  • stage1-330d-tuned
  • stage1-320d copy