Become a partner of Gt-innovation

Over the years we have developed relationships with tuners and workshops from all over the world.Our global network consists of official and unofficial partners that are supported by us for tuning software and data-log analysis.

The benefits, advantages between our official and non-official dealerships as well as the requirements and conditions are described bellow:

Requirements for both official and unofficial partnerships :

  • Official workshop
  • Official company registration info
  • Good knowledge of English, German or Greek Language
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Programming / Flashing equipment (could be also provided by us)
  • Online presence on social media
  • At least 4 years experience in the automotive industry
  • Deposit for 10 credits (1 credit is equivalent to a stage 1 tune)

If you can not meet the above mandatory requirements unfortunately we can not cooperate, as those are the minimum standards that will re-assure a healthy communication, support and cooperation for both parties.

Becoming an unofficial partner :

  • Limited access to our online portal
  • Online support via ticketing system
  • Limited access to our custom patches and functions ( Mutlimap / Launch control / rolling launch / etc..)
  • Annual 20 Credits consumption to retain portal access

Becoming an official dealer :

  • Full Access to our online portal with discounts
  • Full access to our custom patches and functions ( Multimap / Launch control / rolling launch / etc..)
  • Free of charge of our Gt-flasher / logger windows application
  • Stage 3 big turbo file Development / support
  • Flashing / programming device discounts
  • Written contract partnership
  • Annual 50 Credits consumption to retain official dealership

General conditions for official and non official partners.

An unofficial partner or a second official partner can not exist or operate in the same area and a distance of 400km is required.

An unofficial partner can not promote / advertise or sell our products using our name (Gt-innovation) in public or in social media accounts.

An official partner is not allowed to sell, copy, replicate, reverse engineer our products for use, sell or exchange to a third party tuner.

An unofficial partner is not allowed to sell our software solutions online as a file service.

Clone Devices are not supported and we will not accept support tickets for those who are using such clones.

As a company we are allowed to protect our work, calibrations and our custom functions in any way possible. That means that several of our end products will include hidden unique signatures, watermarks, protection algorithms to ensure that all of the above conditions will be met.

Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in immediate termination of our contract / partnership and account deactivation will follow from our portal and online services without further notice.