DSG SOFTWARE FOR Dq 200 – Dq 250 – Dq 500 – DQ381 – DL500 -VL380 – DL800 – 6HP – 8HP


Features :

– Faster shifting between gears.
– Launch Control activation. (Model dependant)
– Launch control at 3600rpm or any other rpm limit.
– Torque limit increased to 500Nm or more.
– Gear display is turned on. (model dependant)
– Kickdown can be disabled, the car will no longer select gears in manual mode. Driver has full control.
– Pressure Increase from 10-11 bar to 14-15-16-17 bar (platform and application Dependent)
– Rpm limit can be increased and modified

Proof of concept.

Program your Dsg or Multitronic/s-tronic gearbox to support more torque and faster gear shifts.DSG Models Dq 200 Dq 250 And Dq 500 Can be reprogrammed for higher torque, higher rev limit and faster gear shifts.
This is a must on high powered cars with a lot of hardware modifications.

This Golf 6 R has already been modified with our dsg software. Dyno tests in what we do are extremely thorough since we need to ensure the results for our clients.

Dq200 DSG

Launch control Activation with and without torque intervention.This option is disabled by the factory in most software version to protect the lifespan of the factory clutch.

With our special software we activate this function and with higher clamp pressures and lower slip timing we protect the clutch from getting worn out so fast.

CXx DQ250




More clamping pressure can be generated with our software to ensure that your clutch discs will not get worn out faster then they should and they will not slip on high power/torque applications. Check images above.

Common problems that might be found on all of the dq, dl, vl direct shift gearboxes and could be fixed or prevented with our software modifications.

Not Going Into Gear
• Loss of Reverse Gear
• PRNDS” Light Flashing
• Gearbox Going In Neutral
• Fail-Safe (Limp Mode)
• Loss of Power
• Jerking In / Out of Gears
• Gearbox Stops Working When Hot

Common Transmission Control Related DTC Fault Codes
It is not always easy to identify the problem caused by a failed DSG controller, as the DSG controller may not always bring up warning lights or fault codes. Some of the most common DTC Fault codes found to be linked with DSG Transmission Control Unit Problems have been listed below. Note that these codes are not specific to Audi so they may also be found on other vehicles as well.

• 18226 P1818 Pressure Control Valve 2 N216 Electric Error
• 18222 P1814 Pressure Control Valve 1 (N215), Open / Short to Ground
• 18223 P1815 Pressure Control Solenoid 1 (N215), Short to B+
• 18227 P1819 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), Open / Short to Ground
• 18228 P1820 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), Short to B+
• 18231 P1823 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), electrical malfunction
• 18232 P1824 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), Open / Short to Ground
• 18233 P1825 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), Short to B+
• 18236 P1828 Pressure Control Solenoid 4 (N218), electrical malfunction
• 18237 P1829 Pressure Control Solenoid 4 (N218), Open / Short to Ground
• 18238 P1830 Pressure Control Valve 4 (N218), Short to Plus
• 18241 P1833 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233), electrical malfunction
• 18242 P1834 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233) Open / Short to Ground
• 18243 P1835 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233) Short to B+
• 18246 P1838 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371), electrical malfunction
• 18247 P1839 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371) Open / Short to Ground
• 18248 P1840 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371) Short to B+
• 19143 P2711 Unexpected / Implausible Mechanical Gear Disengagement, Intermittent
• 17134 P0750 Control Valve 1/Solenoid Valve N88 Function Disturbance
• 17137 P0753 Control Valve 1/Solenoid Valve N88 Electric Error
• 17114 P0730 Gearshift-/ Transmission Surveillance Wrong Gear Transmission Ratio
• 18165 P1757 Power Supply, Interruption
• 17111 P0272 Rounds Count Signal From Engine ECU, No Signal
• 17090 P0706 F125 Drive Position Sensor Signal Implausible
• 17106 P0722 Gearbox Speed Sensor G195 No Signal

After flashing you in some cases it would be good to reset the adaptation values block 62 through 70 with vcds for new thresholds learning.

Adaptation with vcds