Launch control

Launch control and no lift shift(flat shift) functions can be implemented to your stock Me7 Med9 engine management systems. We are currently beta testing our code in Med17.


Our partners have the opportunity to use our latest special functions that we developed for me7 and med9 and med17(Beta testing) engine management systems. Multiple maps for different boost settings can be utilized via cruise control or pedal combination.Launch control for Me7 and med9 is also available and we are currently working and testing that for med17.

Launch control is a function that enables the user to build boost while revving up in a stationery position.This function produces explosions on the exhaust manifold so you can have more boost on a drag race.No lift shift (flat shift) gives the opportunity to manual transmission cars to shift faster between gears by keeping the rpm and the boost high to the preset-ted configuration.While shifting you do not need to raise your foot from the accelerator pedal as the function will give you the appropriate rpm drop in order to engage the next gear.Those are strictly race functions and are not recommended for every day use.Development has started for Med17 ecus.

Here is another example of the no lift shift(flat shift) function on our rolling road.

Launch control on Med9.1 with custom code installed on a seat Leon 2.0l tfsi and Polo wrc 2.0l tfsi .

The continuous aggressive use of those functions can damage the coil-packs , turbocharger, transmission, clutch and catalyst if installed.

Kw* Retardation.

Safety features for misfiring or knocking using the retardation values from engine diagnostics for Me7. When a car is tuned and the fuel is bad or the spark plugs are not in good condition the engine management system is retarding the power of the most cases there is no indication from the dashboard or any other gauge inside the car.We developed a function that will notify you by blinking the epc light whenever your car is retarding power from bad fuel or any other reason.This function can be implemented in every Me7 and Med9 ecu.Development for Med17 is on.

Multiple map switching for me7 Me7.1 Me7.1.1 Med9.1 MED17.

You can now use multiple settings on your Me7 ecu 1.8T 20v and 2.7T and 2.0l TFSI equipped engines with our map switching code.This function has 3 to 4 different power settings and can be used with the cruise control or clutch and brake pedal combination.Available for group vw Me7 and Med9.1 cars.Med17 code is on development.

To sum up those are the key points of our custom Launch control code on a manual or Dsg car:

  • Ignition Retard on Launch control(lc)
  • Ignition Retard on Flat shift(nls)
  • Ignition Cut on LC Launch control(lc)
  • Ignition Cut on FLat shift(nls)
  • Fuel Cut on Launch control (catalyst Friendly)
  • Combination of both on Launch control(lc) and FLat shift(nls)
  • Maximum requested Load control on Launch control
  • Boost control on Launch control via fixed N75 Duty cycle

The Algorithm is fully adjustable and you can preset the following parameters

  • Launch control RPM threshold for ignition retard
  • Launch control RPM threshold for ignition cut
  • Launch control RPM threshold for Fuel cut(catalyst friendly)
  • Flat shift RPM threshold for ignition retard
  • Speed Deactivation for the Launch control (Default is 5kmh)
  • Engine Temperature activation for launch control (Default is 75c)
  • Engine Temperature Deactivation For launch control (Default is 110c)
  • Load Limitation Parameters(Default is 170)
  • Wastegate duty-cycle parameters through N75(default is 50%)


This launch control can be used on catalytic and non catalytic exhaust systems by altering the configuration.You can build up as much boost as you need in any turbocharger using the stock boost control.

Here you can download a vcds(vag com) log from a Bosch Med9.1 engine management system while we use our custom algorithm : Download

Rolling Boost on Med17.1.62 TTRS/RS3 DAZA and DNWA

MEd17.5 Custom launch control Function for 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.0l TSI Engines.

The use of the launch control on catalytic systems will decrease the life of the catalyst and turbo.The excessive use of the launch control with aggressive settings will cause catalyst and turbocharger failure.

There is also the option of adding a hard cut rev limiter to many Ecu types and cars.This lc/nls code is made by our company and has nothing to do with the algorithms that are floating around on the internet.

The code is retarding and cutting ignition in second phase.We use various techniques for the same effect in every engine management system type to ensure the compatibility with the factory oem software.

On flat shift there are no problems when the function is disengaged and spark advance will continue normally unlike others.It is fully configurable in every aspect and there is no RSA/Checksum problems on newer Versions with rsa signatures.

In addition we can deactivate cksum or RSA if needed for further development.

The launch control code we have developed is available and tested for the following models/engine management systems.

  • Bosch Me7.1 C166/7
  • Bosch Me7.1.1 St10f27x
  • Bosch Me7.5 29f400/29f800
  • Bosche ME7.5.10/20 St10f27x
  • Bosch Me7.8 Porsche c167
  • Bosch Me7.8 St10f27x
  • Bosch Med9.1 2.0l TFSI
  • Bosch Med9.1 2.5l TFSI
  • MED17.5.5 1.4l TSI
  • MED17.5 1.8l TSI
  • MED17.1 2.0l TSI
  • MED17.5 2.0l TSI