Audi A3 8v 1.8 tfsi 251ps

The latest Audi A3 platform is the 8V MQB one, with manual or s-tronic transmisssions. With only 1280kg the A3 is a very lightweight chassis and on top of that the 1.8 tfsi is producing 180ps(132kw) and 250nm.The 1.8-litre is offered in both the Sport and range-topping S line models. It features a host of fuel-saving technology, such as direct fuel injection, stop-start and electro-mechanical steering.

Our client today has brought a manual a3 8v mqb for our stage 2 engine calibration. The setup includes a free flow down-pipe which is using a sport catalytic converter and a free flow air filter on 100 octane fuel.The stock numbers of the EA888 1.8 TFSI engine as per factory description are 132kw (180ps) at 5100 – 6200 rpm and 250 nm between 1250 – 5000 rpm.

This car was not totally stock so our figures were much higher in the initial measurement showing only a small drop of power due to the stock calibration on the Siemens continental 12 (simos 12) engine management system.Here is the diagram :

The actual measurement without or remap inside was 204ps and 287nm just by using an aftermarket complete exhaust sytem and a free flow airfilter. Our calibration raised the power output to 251ps and 377nm with a smooth stable diagram up to the rpm limit.

Our remap was specially made for 100 octane fuel but it can safely function also with 98 octane.

In order to have the same power output on a dsg equipped car(dq200) you will need to upgrade the dsg software as well with our custom dq200 remap.

software versions:






more under request.

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