Audi A5 3.0l TDI 310Ps 607Nm Stage 1

The Audi A5 is a series of executive coupe cars produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi since March 2007. the A5 is a member of the B-platform series of vehicles, sharing its platform designation with the A4 saloon and Avant. The first generation A5 (Type 8T) is therefore a member of the B8 family, whilst the second generation model (Type F5) is based on the B9.Both are derived from the Volkswagen MLB (Modular Longitudinal Matrix) architecture.

Our client has chosen the 2010 3.0l Tdi v6 version with 176 kW(240ps) and a multitronic gearbox for his every day car.The car is equipped with a DPF filter so we will only flash a stage 1 software to ensure that the filter will not re-generate constantly or get damaged.

After we ensured that the car is in good condition by doing extensive diagnostic procedures on our AWD Mustang dyno we proceeded to reflash the original engine management system which is a Bosch EDC17CP14.The Ecu was flashed from the obd2 diagnostics port and the cvn has remaned valid for our local TUV inspections.

The total gains of this 3.0l TDI engine have reached the 310ps and 607nm instead of 253ps and 489nm that was measured before we proceed with the re-map.Our stage 1 will not compromise the functionality of the engine nor the emission control filters like the common DPF that is installed by factory.

For further stages the DPF and the EGR vavle will have to be disabled in order to be able to produce more horse power and torque.The curve as you see is in the above diagam is flawless and continuous without any gaps while the powerband is huge.

Available Software numbers:




More available.

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