Audi Rs3 8V FL 2.5 TFSI Stage1+

When it comes to brute force, the Audi RS 3 is the hot hatch (or hot saloon) of choice. What’s phenomenal is that you get so much power wrapped up in a practical package; it really is a car designed to be used every day.

Although 400ps and 480nm sound a lot, many owners just need more and more so we have the best solution in the market for this platform.

Although the RS 3’s five-cylinder engine has been around for a while, Audi has worked hard to extract all the efficiency it can, which means economy and CO2 emissions are more than acceptable than you might imagine given the enormous performance on offer.

Technically speaking the 2.480cc 5 cylinder direct injection engine made completely from aluminum is one of the best engines that the VAG group has produced.

The Dq500 bosch GSG DSG transmission and the Bosch med17.1.62 engine management system are doing a perfect job in controlling traction gearshifts performance and efficiency at levels that no performance car has seen before.

Let`s get into more details for our stage 1 and stage 1+ remap ecu and tcu calibration.

Basically, we worked in a fully stock car using 100 octane fuel and also applied our multimap/mapswitch custom function so the user can swap between 4 maps.

Below is the stock diagram versus map 1 and map2 which produced the following power

Advertised power : 400ps 480nm

Stock measured power : 396.6 and 568nm(overboost) (510nm average)

Map 1 Stage 1 low power settings : 451.2ps 672nm(overboost) (600nm average)

Map 2 Stage 1+ middle power settings : 483.9ps 699nm(overboost) (640nm average)

Map 3 is the max torque and horsepower calibration but since the car is totally stock should not be used before an intake and an inter-cooler upgrade.usually map 3 can provide between 510 and 530ps and 720 to 750nm.

Map 4 is a safety map which is producing around the stock advertised power between 370ps to 380ps and 470nm to 480nm of torque.

The Dq500 dsg unit was also re-flashed with our stage 1 map with the following features :

  • Higher launch control rpm
  • Higher rpm/kmh gearshifts
  • Faster and more responsive gearshifts
  • Increased torque lmiters
  • Traction control modifications
  • Higher clutch pressure
  • Full manual mode on Tip Tronic mode (no auto upshifts in manual)

Now time for some real world tests.We all now that dyno sheets do not mean anything unless you can back this results with timing on the street or in a drag race.

Using draggy this is what we got from a fully stock rs3 8v2 (FL) using our multimap / mapswitch :

100-200 measurement with 1 person (85kg) and 1/3 tank

Quarter mile race with stock 20inch wheels and full weight 1/4 tank and 85kg driver.

A stage 2 file with our multimap on this car with a full intake system a down pipe and a very good intercooler will perform much better on our 100 octane fuel.


Video with our mutlimap function can be found below which is DAZA and DNWA compatible on the med17.1.62 bosch engine management system as well as on other platforms.


More info for stage 2 and stage 2+ will be posted later on..

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