Audi Rs6 4G 4.0 TFSI stage 2 734Ps 1034Nm

The RS6 is and always was a great tuning platform despite the fact that this car was targeting the family/daily super-car industry. The all new Rs6 4G/C7 though took this idea to another level and what happens when someone likes to take advantage of the full potential of the V8 4.0l Bi-turbo Tfsi engine ?

Since you have already seen what the stage 1 can do to this daily torque monster its time to get to the next level using high boost, aftermarket exhaust and intake system and always high quality 100 octane fuel.If you haven`t seen our stage 1 click in the following link

Audi Rs6 4G 4.0 TFSI stage 1+ 655Ps 1005Nm

Now back to our stage 2 software re-flash. Our client requested the maximum safe output for this engine and the end results are satisfying.

With 734ps and 1034nm the traction control system was always blinking in the first and second gear after a hard rolling start. Now check out what the actual numbers from all the variations that are on the market including our stage 1 + and stage 2 solutions.

Stock power :  560ps 700nm

Stock Power on Dyno : 542ps 740nm (100 octane)

Audi Performance pack : 605ps 750nm

Audi Performance pack on dyno :  622ps 787nm (100 octane)

GT-innovation stage 1+ on dyno :  656ps 1005nm (100 octane)

GT-innovation stage 2 on dyno : 734ps 1034nm(100 octane)

Small video at our Dyno Facilities in Munich:


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