Audi S3 8l 210hp to 260hp 391nm


The S3 represents the German ingenuity and perfection with the proven and reliable 1.8t 20v engine.  The exterior of the S3 is aggressive without drawing too much attention. In its classic red, the hatch looks clean and shows off the beauty that Audi had once right..

Our clients car is now at 175.000km but with all the service intervals done properly and in time including a new turbocharger and some other vital repairs that will ensure the longevity of the engine.

The request was for a stage 1 ecu tune on the me7.5 29f400 ecu (First gen me7.5 1998) with 100 octane fuel.

Flashing was done in boot mode and the s3 didn`t need much to show his teeth on the dyno.

Here you can see the huge torque difference on the middle range area which is actually the maximum it can offer with stock intake systems.

The are between 5200 and 5500 has a small drop due to the stock intake turbo hose which is bending and limiting the flow.

Our stage 1 now is producing 260ps and 391nm on a fully stock car with the use of 100 octane fuel.


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