Audi S3 8P DSG TTE420 390Ps 508Nm

This is yet another awd Audi S3 2.0l TFSI S-Tronic tuned with our software and this time with an upgrade hybrid turbocharger.This s3 is the latest Facelift version equipped with the well known Bosch MED9.1 engine management system, a TTE420 turbocharger and many other parts that will be described bellow.

The following project has a lot of parts installed in order to have a healthy setup without producing any kind of issues to the totally stock engine in the future.Fuel management for the rear fuel pump, hpfp and injectors were replaced in order to support the amount of power that could be produced by the new turbocharger.

The inter-cooler is also upgraded with a stage 2 wagner fmic as well as the cold air intake system with an HG motorsport one with TUV approval. Since this is a DSG/S-tronic vehicle the upgrade of the software in such cases is mandatory, so we reflashed the gearbox with our stage 2 dsg software in order to be able to push the clutches with pressure levels up to 16.5 bars.The upgraded injectors for the engine are coming directly from the ttrs/rs3 2.5 tfsi platform and the high pressure fuel pump is from autotech.

The DSG upgrade includes the following features in this particular car :

– Faster shifting between gears.
– Launch control at 4000rpm or any other rpm limit.
– Torque limit increased to 650Nm
– Kickdown is disabled on TipTronic mode, the car will no longer select gears in manual/TT mode. Driver has full control.
– Rpm limit increased to 7300

Here is our final software results with boost levels up to 1.9 bars of overboost and 1.7 bars of constant boost pressure on a dsg dq250 gearbox using a TTE420 Turbocharger.

Since the engine internals are stock we wouldn’t risk pushing the turbo more in any case as the stock connection rods might fail with higher torque levels.There is of course the possibility to gain some more power but having a healthy engine is much more important for everyone.

Some extra functions that we added to this particular custom software is the increased delay of the fuel cut overrun(schubabschaltung) also known as pop & bang every time the driver is shifting down or decelerating from a certain point of rpm to mimic the antilag system sounds of a rally car.

There are more options available for this ecu like multimap and launch control as well as flat shift for the manual transmission versions.

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