Audi S3 8V Stage 1 355 PS

This is a 2016 Audi S3 8V equipped with EA888 Gent 3 TSI engine and a DSG gearbox.Our stage 1 remap will be installed for use with 98 octane fuel and we will perform all possible tests to ensure that the car will run perfectly under any condition.


All new FWD and AWD vw/audi direct injection engines equipped with continental sim12 and sim18 engine management systems are capable of great power levels even with the stock parts.The original power is always measured for having a better comparison point.


After our stage 1 re-flashing using the obd2 port we can now see the extra torque and horsepower that we gained using all the original parts.


Initial measurement with stock software showed the 300ps(304ps measured) that audi is providing  on this car but the torque levels are higher than advertised 420nm (380nm advertised).The peak torque after the software has reached 602nm but stabilized at 584nm and the peak horse power was 355ps just after 4300rpm.As a stage 1 tune this software protects the turbo and the engine from any kind of knock or high exhaust gas temperature and provides enough power to satisfy your every day driving needs.


Video of the dyno session here :

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