Audi a7 3.0l TDI 241 ps 457Nm stage1

The 2011 Audi A7 4G is a concept vehicle with 3.0-litre V6 TDI clean diesel engine rated to 204 PS and 400 N⋅m and a top speed limited to 235kmh. Lets tune this car over obd now and see the results of this fine engine.

The amount of power that can someone pull out of this engine/car is limited as all the new diesels engines are equipped with the DPF (Diesel Partikal Filter) and if we over tune this , soon the dpf filter will start to regenerate and clog so if you do not remove the filter and disable that from the engine management system we suggest to stay only at stage 1 tuning as we already did in this particular client.

The gains are clear and the difference in both torque and horsepower is more than enough for the end user to feel and be happy with a totally stock exhaust system in a 3.0l Diesel engine.

As you can see below we managed to reach without any kind of future issue the power levels of  241Ps and 457Nm and based on the initial power measurement of 211ps and 405Nm the gains are 30ps and 52nm in the complete power-band.

Of-course this engine has the ability to reach 300ps and over 650nm of torque without a dpf filter and our stage 3 software in combination with a free flow air filter.

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