Bmw 335 N54 356Ps Stage 1

The well known N54 3.0l Bi-turbo engine is one of the first turbocharged petrol engines that Bmw has used in the e90 chassis which was producing from factory 306ps and 400nm.It was a pleasant surprise having a turbocharged petrol vehicle in the bmw family as in the past the forced induction engines were only used on special projects or race use by bmw.


Our stage 1 tune include Vmax deactivation in automatic or manual transmissions and the software, is suitable for 95 and 98 octane fuel.The torque and power levels will stay high enough to ensure the best possible feeling and the numbers are more than sufficient for a fully stock car.Here is the diagram :


+50ps and +169nm Gain from just a stage 1 tune in a totally stock car is a hell of a gain comparing to other parallel ecus or stage 1 software tunes.The original power varies from 290 to 306ps and it is mileage dependent .This particular car was automatic so the software was perfectly adapted for maximum reliability for this transmission unit.There are 2 more stages for this car which can produce 370ps and 410ps by using front mount inter-coolers – complete exhaust systems(catless or sport-cats) and cold air intake systems.


Our Mustang AWD Dyno allows us to analyze everything in your car and be sure that you get what you pay for. Unlike other street tuners or shops without the appropriate equipment and knowledge here at Gt-innovation we give everything for ensuring the health of the engine or the car before and after the tuning process.

The same engine and turbochargers was used from 2006 to 2009 on E90/E91 – E92 – E93 – E60/E61 – E82/E88 – E71 – E89 models.

Stage 2 and stage 3 require hardware updates but since we make our own software we have the ability to customize all the settings in your car in order to make power levels that fit you and your engine setup.

Here is the same car with a stage 2+ software solution that was made especially for the setup of this car doing 397ps and 600nm.

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