BMW M 135 N55 E82 405Ps 616nm stage 2

The first generation of N55 engines were introduced in 2009 and lasted over 7 years until the b58 engine started to be installed on the new models in 2016.

The main differences between the N55 and its N54 predecessor are the use of a single turbocharger, the addition of variable valve lift and the type of fuel injectors.

The N55 uses a single twin scroll turbocharger and the variable valve lift (called Valvetronic) is  improving the throttle response, low-rev torque, exhaust emissions and increasing fuel economy by 15%.

Instead of using piezo-type fuel injectors for the direct injection system, the N55 uses Bosch solenoid-type injectors. The piezo injectors were more expensive and BMW decided they were not worthwhile outside of Europe, because the potential benefits of lean-burn operation could not be fully realised

Our task here was not easy as this first generation bmw (E82 M 135) is obd flash protected  and in some cases we need to remove the ecu in order to flash our new performance software to the engine management system.

The Bosch Mevd17.2.4 engine management system is locate under the intake so several peripheral parts have to be removed in order to access it including the intake system.

Once we separate the ecu from the intake we are able to program it and enable the obd flashing operations too.The boost mode procedure will need the ecu to be opened and programed through the factory Bdm/jtag/boot pads or by connecting the appropriate pins with our special programming device.

Once that is finished we install the ecu back and start testing on our all wheel drive in house mustang dynamometer and here are the results for our stage 2 ecu flash.

Our stage 2 remap will need a complete exhaust system and a free flow air filter or intake system in order to be able to produce the same results as you see here in our graph.

Using 100 octane fuel we have 405ps and 616nm safely for our performance package on this beautiful M 135 E82 3.0l N55 turbocharged rear wheel drive bmw.

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