Bmw M4 Stage 1 511Ps 774Nm

The BMW M4(f82/f83) is a high-performance version of the BMW 4 Series automobile developed by BMW’s motorsport division.Equipped with a 6 cylinder inline direct injection twin-turbo engine(S55B30T0) this marvel is able to produce 317 kW (431 PS & 550 Nm).

The M4 has an option of manual or DCT 7 speed Gearbox(Dual clutch) and in our case this one is a DCT.Our client has installed a free flow air filter and has directly from factory the akrapovic exhaust system option.

Our task here is simple,  Re-flash the car with our stage 1 ecu tune for 100 octane using the obd 2 port in order to provide 5xx horse power but before that lets see how much is the stock power using a free flow air filter.

In the above diagram you can see both the original and the re-flashed results from this particular M4. The measurements have been done in 2 different seasons so the temperature difference is big but the results are valid and double checked with several othe m4 cars.

The initial power output is : 451,8 Ps and 612 Nm (425 Ps 550 Nm Advertised)

The stage 1 power output is : 511 Ps and 774 Nm

The engine management system tha is used on this particular car is the Bosch Med17.2.x and can be re-flashed either by using the obd2 diagnostic port or by removing the ecu from the car and programming it on the bench.

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