Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione stage 1

The 2017 Fiat Abarth 595 competizione is one of the most unique turbocharged cars ever made by fiat. Equipped with the well known 1.4-litre T-Jet motor the 595 is producing 180ps and 250nm at 3000rpm.

As always this little rocket was strapped on our Mustang awd dyno and had a couple of hard fourth gear pulls to prove the numbers that the factory is giving for the 1.4 t-jet engine.What was the initial measurement numbers ? Read below in the dynosheet .

In order to be able to program the ecu with our new calibration we need access to the internal tricore cpu from the bosch Me17.3.0 engine management system.You can see above that we use our ktag device in bench mode (Tricore Service Mode ) in order to fully backup the ecu and flash our new calibration easy and safe.

Now that our new calibration was in here are the original and tuned data using our stage 1 ecu remap with a threshold of 2.0bars of boost at over boost while holding 1.7 bars of constant boost to the rev limiter in sport mode.

The car was not completely stock and was using a free flow airfilter so the initial measurment in our dyno showed 190ps and 307nm with 100 octane fuel at maximum load. Our remap produced a more stable middle range curve and raised the bar to 212ps and 370nm without any kind of side-effects in the daily usage of this marvelous 1.4 t-jet engine.



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