Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0l 150ps

You will definitely love this small 3cyl engine which can produce 100ps from 3900rpm.In terms of acceleration, respectability is defined here as 8.3 seconds to 0-100 kph and a quarter-mile slip reading 16.7


The version on this post is the 100ps one but we saw some great results on the dyno using 100 and 102 octane fuel and E10 Mix.

All the tuning was done through the obd2 port and we run multiple dynamometer tests to ensure the result and the health of the car.Here is our dynograph using our road emulation technology in an awd mode.


The stock power was incredibly higher then expected and it produced 115ps (100 advertised) and 198nm.The powerband was incredible and the stability of the graph gave us the best possible image for this 3cylinder miracle.

After the tune we reached the power of 149.2ps and 232nm easily in a fully stock car. As you see on the dyno graph our software retained the drive ability and the stability while increasing the power in all the rev range.

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