Leon 1.8 Tsi 2015 & DSG

Leon 1.8 Tsi 2015 DSG

Flawless and powerfull tuning software for Seat leon fr 1.8 TSI 2015 with 180ps. Stage 1 & 2 & 3 available.

Stage 3 Completed. This is the maximum You can get Using 100 octane fuel on a DSG equipped car. Manual models can handle more power and more torque but we always like to protect the engine peripheral parts with power levels that can be handled by oem clutch disks.


We can customize the software to fit your needs and your fuel quality.A video will follow from our development stages.The fuel we are always using in our development is 95 / 98 / 100 and 102 octane. In many cases for extra power we have used mixtures of e10 and 102 octane fuel.

Here you will see our stage 3 dynosheet developed just for this car/ecu.Simos 12 and 18 are using a totally different strategy for managing the engine and although those ecus ar also based on a torque model the adaptation is taking much more time to complete.


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