BMW M3 E92 MSS65 Upgrade

The BMW M3(2008-2013) is the icon of the BMW industry. This is the last Naturally aspired engine used on the M3 by BMW.This V8 is being tuned in our dyno for Maximum Efficiency and power.

Using the Siemens Mss65 engine management this BMW E92 is tuned through obd2 port programming with our advanced equipment.We can offer Vmax removal – Catalyst removal(for racing purposes only) – Turbo or supercharger custom tuning on this model as well as immobilizer deactivation(for racing purposes only). A complete backup of the original software is always being done before we start tuning.

Despite the fact that those models are always producing less power on our awd dyno (390ps to 405ps), the actual gains of our tuning software are more then enough to satisfy the your need for more power and speed.After our stage 1 tuning software without the use of any other hardware modification the total power will vary from 447ps to 452ps and the torque range will get an actual gain of +25nm to +40nm.

The maximum speed that has been achieved after our stage 1 software using 100 octane fuel was 317kmh with the original factory tires. This test was done on the road(German Autobahn) while using our GPS equipment G-Tech pro RR. The above dyno video is done while using 100 octane fuel and a de-cated original exhaust system.For more information feel free to contact us through email or private message on our facebook page or call us directly by phone – viber or skype.

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