Nissan skyline R34 GTT

Skylines are one of the most desirable cars all over the world.This one is special.Using the GTR RB26 N1 Engine WIth a bigger hks biturbo kit and a powerfc engine managment system we produce 485hp wih low boost settings (1.2 bar) and a completely stock engine.


The engine was specially ordered from japan and it is the gold top version of the R34 N1.The car is driven daily to the German roads  and it is 100% street legal.

DSC_0145 DSC_0155

Nissans are one of our favorite brands and as we had more then 10 project cars using all kind of Nissan engines and power upgrades our level of expertise is high enough to fulfill the needs of any client with any power expectation.


A small full action video of this GTT-GTR at our Headquarters in Munich.

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