Opel Astra J OPC 309Ps Stage 1

Opel Astra is and was always were one of the main models of Opel(general motors group). Although the previous models were limited to 200 and 240ps opel took one step more in order to compete the other hatchbacks that are dominating the market at the moment. The new astra opc is equipped with a 2.0lt Turbo engine and 280Ps using the Delco E39 Engine management system.


As we developed stage 1 2 and 3 from this car we found out that this car is running very reach from factory at wot (10.3:1 AFR) so in order to keep it powerful and healthy we needed to adjust from software all the appropriate parameters of the fueling system.


Since the car was running 95oct fuel the initial measurement without or software was showing a little less the the horse power the expected(267ps 437nm) but the torque was greater then expected.After our stage 1 tune we got 309ps and 502nm without pushing the car anywhere near the limits of this engine.


All the dyno measurements and development of the software were done in OPC mode without the traction control interference.As always we develop our one files and we are able to provide you with any stage tune you would like to have either you are an end customer or a company we are able to support you with any kind of request.

Here is a small video :



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