Audi Rs3 2012 Med9.1

One of our favorite cars and engine management systems is the Audi rs3 equipped with the 2.5 Tfsi engine.

Using the common Med9.1 ecu we can offer various stages of tuning for this particular car.For starters here you will see stage 1 (95oct) and stage 2 (100) octane dynosheets developed in our AWD Mustang Dynamometer.So 387ps and 612nm for the stage 1. rs3-old1Now here is our stage 2 with higher octane fuel and more boost.407ps and 630nm. rs3-old2 RS3 and TTRs models share the same technology – engine and gearbox.We can offer tuned software for the dq500 gearbox and in combination with our engine software the levels of power can be up to 420ps using some aftermarket parts like a free flow exhaust and any good air intake system.

A lot of tuners are having problems with those kind of engine management systems and even after the tune you might get the following error : 6985/P0601/001537 – Internal Control Module: Memory Check Sum Error.

This is an error due to an incorrectly calculated rsa key and checksum after the tuning procedure.Most likely after some days driving the car, with this error you will loose all your power and car will under-perform.Eventually car will not start.

At Gt-innovation we have the correct way to fix this software error and you will never have to worry about non starting engines or checksum dtcs with low performance.

Available Hardware and Software numbers :

Hw: 0261S02825 Sw: 517006

Hw: 0261S02825 Sw:  519001

Hw: 0261S02825 Sw:  526659

Hw: 0261S02085 Sw: 526664

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