Seat Leon Cupra 5F 2.0l TSI 377 ps

New engines are just amazing, especially when it comes to the Vw group.This 2014 Seat Leon Cupra 5F 2.0l Tsi  DSG with  280 ps and 350nm from factory has set a new barrier of performance on the hatchback category.


Let`s get to it fast.This car as stock produces 280ps and 350nm but the car was not originally stock as it was already equipped with a Complete F-town Exhaust System and a sport air filter.So the dyno sheet was showing more power with 100 Octane fuel.


We can see on our diagram that the car gained 45nm and 9 ps on the crankshaft just by adding the F-town Exhaust system and the intake system.That is a good gain for a 2.0l tsi engine but the real gain came after the reprogramming of the factory sim18 engine management system (ecu) with out stage 2 software which produced 377ps and 607nm on the crankshaft with 100 octane fuel.As you can already see on the above diagram the gain is huge especially on the torque which eventually got +207nm on the initial stock measurement.


The Car was programmed through the OBD port with the new communication protocol for sim12 and sim18 ecus.As we always like to analyze all of our vehicles we data-logged the AFR (air to fuel ratio) and it is obvious that this engines runs on the safe side by utilizing a 11.8:1 afr instead of a 13:1 that was running as stock.Further more we data-logged the car with our vcds to give you an overall view of our software modifications and how the car was running while we were on the dyno.

For All the EA888 GEN3 Engines we recommend the Denso Iridium IKH24 sparkplugs, gaped to 0.6mm and for maximum power the replacement should be done every 15.000km.

Here you can download a data-log made with vcds (Best view with Microsoft excel)


If you check the logs you will find out that the car is running 1.5 bars of boost to the rev limiter while over boosting to 1.7 bar (Checked with boost gauge) with retarding only 2 degrees of spark advance and in most cases the retardation is zero (0) which proves how safe is our stage 2 software for this great 2.0l tsi engine. Fuel trims are also working as stock in the area of +1% to -4% and 0% to 0.8% on the cruising area.


We are able to program through the OBD 2 Port all sim12 and sim18 models from 2014 to 2016+ without problems or ecu update locks.We can provide stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3 with over 420 ps for the 2.0l Tsi engine Gen3 EA888 From Golf 7 R – Cupra R 5F – S3 8v models.Further more we have software for various pressures and stages for the tte470 tte500 and tte520 turbochargers made from the turbo engineers(TTE Turbo) here in munich.

To include all the information for our clients all the vw golf 7 Rs, Cupra Rs and S3s 8V do not have the same turbochargers.The first Generation of those turbochargers are braking down even with stock or stage 1 tunes.You have to be informed by our dealers that using an old version of this turbocharger may result in a damaged turbo.Here are some examples of faulty factory turbochargers that have broken with or without ecu remaps.

13342369_1156959207668710_2080935074_n 13115730_1138863309478300_1686085289_n 13335425_1156959184335379_1228499554_n 13140560_1138863322811632_2111589338_n

The versions and revisions are :

06K 145 702 J – Problems reported
06K 145 702 N – Failling constantly even on stock software
06K 145 722 A
06K 145 722 H – NEW revision (suggested upgrade with production date 2016+)




This car is now tuned with a TTE470 Turbocharger with some peripheral modifications and will be soon make some posts about it.

Enjoy The video ..


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