VW Golf 6R 334PS 526NM Stage 2

Yet another 2.0l Tfsi Tuned by us and this time with a stage 2 software.This awd Vw Golf 6R is one of our favorite cars as there are hundreds of tuning choices and configurations that you are able to do without compromising the engine health and drive-ability.


In our case the car was already equipped with a complete exhaust system and a free flow air filter so a stage 2 software remap using the factory obd2 port was a must.


This is a manual model so there will be no torque losses through the dsg gearbox and as always there are many choices in our stage 2 software for this bosch Med9.1 Engine management system.


As a customer request we included  the Gargle mode feature which produces a type of rally anti-lag sound when you lift your foot of the gas and in a case of bigger exhaust system you get a very nice result not only in power but in sound too.


Our stage 2 remap produced 333ps and 526nm instead of 283ps and 401nm(slightly higher from stock because of the exhaust system). The curves are smooth and the power delivery comes immediately since the throttle maps are also modified to achieve better response.

In this case we can add launch control and no lift shift under request, although a good complete clutch kit should be installed for such modifications.This car has nothing else installed except the exhaust system and a free flow air filter.

Enjoy the video :

Software versions:

0261S02736 1037510588

0261S02782 1037510589

more available under request.

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