Bmw M235 F22 509ps 600Nm Pure turbo

The Bmw M235i is one of the most beautiful platforms that BMW has released with the very popular and robust N55 Engine. By factory it comes with the N55B30 engine (2,979 cc) which is producing 326 PS (240 kW; 322 hp)@5800–6000rpm and 450 N⋅m (332 lb⋅ft)@1300–4500rpm.

We started remapping this car back in 2016 when our client asked for a stage 2 flash on his original Bosch mevd17.2.x Engine management system and this was producing 413ps & 649nm doing 9.2 9.3 for the 100 – 200kmh measurement with just an exhaust system and a free flow air filter. Soon after, the power was not enough for the owner so this happened…

The full list of the parts that are installed at the moment is the following:

  • 300 cell HJS Catalytic system
  • Charge and Boost pipes Turboperformance
  • 450Lph Walbro fuel pump
  • BMS Air intake system
  • Supersprint Complete Exhaust system
  • Pure Stage 2 Turbocharger system
  • GFB DV+ Diverter Valve
  • Turbo inlet Pipe
  • Wagner Evo 2 Competition Intercooler
  • Snow performance stage 2 WMI

The installation of the parts as well as the complete hardware build was done by Dropp3d Germany and Gering-Cycles based in Munich Area.

After all the parts were in place we started to modify the software in order to fit our new needs in fuel / boost with our AWD Mustang dyno. The flashing procedure for the fine tuning was done multiple times through the obd2 port using our CMD flash FXX Enet cable.

The tests were done with and without water methanol injection to ensure that the car will not be damaged in any case if he runs out of meth. Multiple passes on our dyno were done while logging the fuel ratio with 4th and 5th gear so we can have a complete image of how the car is behaving in all cases.A complete full run up to 6th gear was done to get the maximum performance data out of the engine and the 8HP automatic gearbox.

Here are the results in all of our cases :

Phase 1 4th gear to get maximum torque without the use of WMI

Gains are 474PS and 600NM at 1.46bars of boost.Next image is the afr measurement with our innovative lm2 lsu4.9 directly connected on our dyno.

As you can already see the fuel ratio is perfect and stable up to the limit without exceeding our target thresholds.however there is a small gap in the area of 5700 and 5900 which is caused by the ecu pulling back some timing to avoid knock.This will be definitely fixed with water methanol injection.

Phase 2 4th gear to get maximum torque with the use of WMI

Our second pass shows only 11nm loss with the use of water methanol injection but in the same time the curve is smoother and much better then before and the gap in the area of 5700 – 5900 is eliminated.Here is the fuel ratio graph from this pass.

Again the AFR is perfect but a little bit richer then before due to the use of water methanol injection.There are 2 nozzles provided with the Snow performance Wmi kit and in our setup we used the small nozzle since we only boost 1.46bars.

Our street tests has shown that our car is producing more then 475ps so we decided to make a full pass with all gears as the optimal gears for dyno measurements are 4th and 5th. Having a 7speed gearbox requires multiple passes with several gears in order to have precise measurement so here it is :

Phase 3 Get the maximum horsepower By Gear

Here you can see a complete run in the Vehicle simulation mode (Road emulation) which our AWD dyno is capable of doing no matter the torque or horse power.The Maximum horse power figures are coming in the 5th gear (509ps) and the maximum acceptable torque is being produced on the 4th(600nm on our previous papers). Of course you can not measure in the middle but we keep the best results from both (4th and 5th) gears which are proven also in the street by having an incredible 7.4 for the 100 – 200kmh timing threshold.

Qstarz Gps Unit is verifying our results for this incredible M235i with a flat 7.4sec for the 100kmh – 200kmh timing.Since the winter is always heavy in Germany we will come back with more timing pictures and a video of the full dyno runs.

As an extra Feature we added some pops and bangs (aka Fuel cut overrun) (aka Schubabschaltung) to our stage 3 Big turbo software and here is a spitting flames image from our M235I.

Video Here :

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