Bosch ME7.1.1 St10F27x

BOSCH ME 7.1.1 St10f275 Engine Management System

Platforms Audi A3, TT – Vw Golf 4 / 5 R32

Engine : VR6 3.2l 24V 250PS

The 3.2 Liter Vr6 engine is one of the greatest and beloved power plants in the VW-Group. If you decide to buy a turbo/supercharger kit and release the true potential of this engine and you don`t like to loose the everyday drive-ability and comfort by removing the factory ecu and installing another aftermarket one we have the solution for you.Bosch has never intended to run this firmware for forced induction applications thus a lot of algorithms are not included to the stock engine management system and some of them are restricted to run only in a naturally aspired state.

Well Forget that..With our software we can add and modify the functions you need so you can run safely with your oem ecu  and here are the details.

  • Hard coded Load limit off (raised too 400% or more)
  • Checksum Deactivation(if needed)
  • Dual to mono lambda including diagnostic outputs(For turbo applications)
  • Turbocharger or supercharger Modifications
  • Bigger mass air flow modification
  • Custom Launch control and No lift shift for Turbo or NA applications on DSG & Manual

Future release will include user select-able Launch control and Multimap switching.

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