Golf 6 GTI stage 2

After the incredible Golf 5 GTI With the 2 litre direct petrol injection engine Vw announced the Golf 6 GTI using a completely new fuel rail system capable of up to 180 bar of fuel pressure.That was not the only change since the newer engine produced 211 ps instead of 200 and the potential was much greater in every point.


Our stage 1,2,3 tune or even e big turbo application will leave you completely satisfied since the new bosch med17 engine management system is capable of producing every kind of power you dream while keeping all the safety feature of the factory mapping.


This is our Stage 2 tune for the Med17 Golf 6 GTI ecu.The car in our awd dyno is a DSG equipped car and everything is stock apart from the engine filter.In the dynosheet you will notice 2 measurements.The one producing 240ps was done from another unknown tuner as a stage 1 tune.Our stage 2 is far more superior not only in torque and ps levels but in higher rpms as well.

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