Vw Golf 5 GTI 575 Ps 663 Nm Big Turbo

The good old EA113 2.0l TFSI made it all the way through all those years with marvelous results and plenty of world records on several platforms for the vw group. One of our partners in Berlin decided to go on with his personal project.

Our plan here was simple.Reach the maximum potential using 4 injectors and try to max out a precision 5558 Gen 2 turbo without loosing the daily character of this car.

To get into that level we needed to go for a full engine rebuild so the following parts have been replaced with stronger ones.

  • Forged Pistons with lower compression ratio
  • Forged Connection rods
  • ARP Cylinder head and block bolts
  • Custom exhaust manifold
  • Precision 5558 Turbo with external wastegate
  • Ferrea Valve train
  • Schrick camshafts.
  • 76 MM Full Exhaust System
  • Treadstone Performance intercooler up to 670hp
  • Aem water methanol injection
  • Custom cold air intake with stock Airbox
  • Uprated oil pump
  • 4 x Direct injectors with 23% more flow then stock
  • Autotech HPFP
  • Rs4 Prv up to 140 bar (We also have one with 175 bar for further development)

The transmission is based on the stock manual casing with a dual disc/clutch set from Clutch Masters 725 Series tightened with arp bolts and a custom limited slip differential in order to hold the excessive torque that this turbo can produce.

The plastic intake has remained stock with the original flaps working perfectly while keeping the engine efficient and linear on low rpms without compromising the fuel consumption even though we use all the 140bar of the prv with our bigger injectors.

The stock pcv was replaced with an aftermarket catch can system to avoid any future failures from the stock weak membrane.As you will see in the following pictures the intercooler from treadstone performance was enough  to keep the temperature lower than 45 celcius even on 2.1 bars which we have tested on our awd mustang dyno.

The results where more then satisfying with the car doing :

Low Boost : 1.5 bar (No wmi) 507Ps 595Nm
Mid Boost : 1.85 bar (2x stage wmi) 575Ps 663Nm
High Boost : Coming up after differential enhancement and 175 bar prv

More information and video will come in the following stage once we complete the project with 2.4 bars of boost.

The complete build was done by Juk Motorsport


Software is our Stage 3+ Big turbo using our advanced Launch control and flat shift algorithm done for 100 – 102 octane pump gas.

Here is a small video :

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