VW Golf 5 Pirelli Edition TTH450

One more Golf 5 has entered our family and this time is a special edition GTI, developed by Volkswagen Individual. It was given the 230PS (169 kW/226 hp) Edition 30 engine, instead of the 200PS (147 kW/197 hp) in the standard Mk5 GTI.

Our client arrived with a fully forged engine and a TTH 450 Hybrid turbo capable of +-450hp. It is equipped with a manual gearbox and an enhanced Sachs performance clutch and flywheel set.

The fueling system was already upgraded with an Autotech high pressure pump, Rs3 low pressure fuel pump with an upgraded lpfp controller. The injectors are also upgraded in order to cover our needs.

A bigger front mount intercooler is keeping our intake temperatures low and that is a must for any bigger turbo installation on the 2.0l TFSI EA113 Engine.

The new 76mm custom exhaust has a normal TuV approved 200 Cell catalyst in order to comply with the emission standards in Germany and that is the part that will keep our power output low in order to protect the turbo and the engine from high exhaust temperatures.

Our software solution in this car came with Various Features for the Bosch MED9.1 Engine management system and here we will list some of them:

  • Big Turbo Calibration & Injector Fine Tuning
  • Launch control & Flat shift (Custom Code)
  • Brake Boosting for Roll races.
  • Fuel Cut overrun (Pops & bangs)

We never had the base dyno run of this particular car as the client came directly from another tuner that could not calibrate the car however it did not took long for us to prepare 2 stages for this fully built project.

Keeping in mind that this car does not have a race catalytic converter we kept the boost setting low on both calibrations.

Without  stressing the turbo or the catalyst the power output was :

  • Low boost settings 361ps 490nm  (1.6bar overboost to 1.4bar constant )
  • Middle boost settings 394ps 556nm (1.75 bar overboost to 1.55 bar constant)

Once the owner replaces the catalyst he will be back for a much more powerful calibration since everything in his engine can easily support that.

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