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Individual file tuning services & online support. We provide dyno tested tuning files that we develop in our headquarters in Germany using a mustang awd Dynamometer. We can analyze your datalogs and help you debug or tune perfectly any modifed car using the stock or an aftermarket engine management system with any hardware modification.

We offer dynamometer services for our local customers using a Mustang AWD dyno capable of measuring up to 2000whp.Our new dyno was purchased at 2014 and since then we have measured over 500 cars with spot on results and accuracy. Dyno can be rented for tuning seasons or dynodays.Wideband feedback can be provided by request.

Engine management system installation.If you decide to operate your engine with a stand alone engine management system we will be happy to install it and tune it for you.We are specialized in AEM systems but we can offer more options if needed.We will be happy to consult and help you find the apropriate product to fit your needs.

Special custom Code for oem engine management systems are one of the options you will have by joining our team.We offer custom code for Me7 and med9 engine management systems.We are also developing code for med17 and other infineon or mpc based engine management systems. Launch control and map switching are already developed for me7 and med9 systems.

Program your Dsg or Multitronic/s-tronic gearbox to support more torque and faster gear shifts.DSG Models Dq 200 Dq 250 And Dq 500 Can be reprogrammed for higher torque, higher rev limit and faster gear shifts. This is a must on high powered cars with a lot of hardware modifications.If you Transmission is programmable we are happy to assist.More

Our services do not stop here.We can provide Dataloging / diagnostics / coding services / immobilizer deactivation / dtc (fault code) deactivation and generally we will support you in doing whatever is needed to your vehicle.Big Turbo installation / bigger injector tuning and race applications are part of our daily job.Name your setup and we will tune your car accordingly.

Contact us for Dealer packages.Currently we support more then 60 workshops all over the world with
Tuned files, Datalog analysis Troubleshooting and debugging.Our work in progress will excite you in the best possible way.A lot of cars, bikes, jestkis with thousands of work hours.Gt-innovation is participating in drag races, Drift and Circuits.Our involvment starts from 1997 until now.As a company we own some cars that are highly tuned both engine and software for track use. We participate in the Greek Dragster championship , Greek drift championship and also on a lot of track day events with our project cars. A list with the cars that we own and develop daily plus some photos will be shown here and some of them will be shown from scratch.


On heavy engine modifications a lot of secondary emission control systems and sensors are disabled.Some times you need to remove catalytic converters and other systems that are reducing engine performance.In case of Mil-on Dtcs or simple dtcs we are able to remove them directly from ecu.We just need the dtc code and the original file.

Check engine light is often triggered by bad fuel or catalytic converter issues.In case of a damaged sensor that is not vital and needs removal we can always help and recode your ecu with 100% success rates.Just be sure that the system you are going to disable is not affecting the engine`s health.

As a company we are ready to cover you on every tuning setup regardless the parts that are used.Our only concern is the good quality of the aftermarket parts which will ensure the flawless performance of our software.