Gt-innovation is a company that creates daily new functions and innovations for many brands and vehicles in the market.

we have dedicated many hours into creating the best possible functions for the oem engine management system and one of those functions is our multimap for the Tricore based ecus Like Med17/edc17 and Simos ecus.

Ideally this code can be ported to any tricore based ecu but testing needs to be done if we haven`t performed the code porting on the requested car/brand/ecu.

The key points of our multimap-mapswitch functions are :

  • 3 or more map sets that will allow you to have different calibration profiles
  • On the fly map switching (or on ignition on and engine not running)
  • User choice saved for next driving cycle(not on simos ecus for now)
  • Use of brake and throttle pedal for switching the maps or via cruise control lever
  • 1 immobilized map choice used as anti-theft measurements from key-less entry man in the middle attack
  • Individual Sound module settings (Pops & Bangs) for each map set so they can be Deactivated
  • Individual Rpm limiters (All)
  • Traction Control and launch control settings including rpm and boost thresholds on LC.
  • Additional calibration maps on request

Med17.1.62 Multimap – Mapswtich  demonstration


Med17.5.5 1,4 TSI Multimap-Mapswitch demonstration


Med17.1.1 Rs3 2.5 Multimap-Mapswitch demonstration

Simos 18.1 2.0l Ea888 gen 3 Multimap-Mapswitch demonstration

Audi S1 IS38 Swap

Currently we are working into porting our code into many different software versions and into other brands and platforms.


Please feel free to email us with any question on this matter.