2015 Audi RS5 Stage 2+

This Audi Rs5 is using a muscular V8 power-plant with a direct fuel injection system on a a seven-speed automatic gearbox.The car was limited at 258kmh (VMAX) and the original power was not what the owner expected from such a beautiful car.


Since we have done a lot of v8 fsi engines in various chassis in the past we were already familiar with the fact that this engine is not producing all the power on the wheels so our initial dyno results were lower (as expected) than the advertised power.


The first measurements we did using our Mustang AWD Dyno showed 415.9ps and 430.5Nm.As far as the horse power goes we are way lower then the advertised power but our newton meters are spot on(430 advertised).This Car was equipped with an Akropovic complete exhaust system and free flow air filters in the factory filter box.Some other cars with the same engine have produced lower results on our dynamo meter because of the factory exhaust system.


So here is the dynosheet with the original power figures and our Stage 2+ software which is made strictly for 100+ octane fuel.There is no way to increase the power levels of this engine using low fuel quality since the compression and the spark advance are already high enough.In this case our software produced +42ps and +37nm peak power and more then 22ps on the complete power band.Along with spark advance and torque request maps we have also modified the throttle response and the fuel injection maps to lean out some areas and enrich some others.All of the measurements have been done in individual and dynamic mode with manual gear shifting. In our case the car was using 102 octane fuel and the mileage on the dashboard was really low.


The engine management system programming (Bosch MED17) was curried out by the obd2 port so there was no need of opening the case of the ecu and the original warranty is not affected by the hole procedure.Enjoy the sound of an Audi high revving engine (8300) in our dyno session.

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