Bmw E60/61 530D 292PS 615NM

Back in 2007 this car was the ultimate diesel choice for any Bmw enthusiast.That choice was not based on luck.The following car was tuned just days ago having 136.000km on the clock and it still runs like a brand new car.Not to mention the dyno results…


The Bavarian Industry has given this motor(M57D30) not only power and torque (235ps and 500nm) but also durability and reliability which is something that counts much more for the end customer.


For this 3.0D engine we have a lot of tuning choices that will cover your needs in any case.

Stage 1 +41ps + 80nm

Stage 2 +57ps + 115nm

stage 3 +70ps + 130nm

Fore the stage 3 you will need to remove the Diesel particle filter(dpf off) as the flow does not allow more boost then our stage 2 software.We can also remove your Egr valve to keep everything clean inside the pressure pipes.Here is a stage 2 dynamometer diagram:


The above car is completely stock and has our stage 2 software.As you can see there is no drop in the power-band and the car is running smoother then ever having almost 300ps through the rev limiter(Automatic Gearbox).


All 530D 330D X5 3.0D with Edc16c35 ecu and 235ps have the above results and options with our software.

Ecu software numbers

0281815240 1037500775

0281015130 1037390904

More available…





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