Seat leon 5F 2.0 TDI Stage 1

The SEAT Leon 5F SC is a gorgeous motor in it’s own right, but with the FR trim it really, REALLY stands out from the crowd. The FR spec receives some minor updates on the front bumper that make it look a tad sportier than the normal Leon, but it’s the head lights that really make it stand out.

Equipped with the 2.0l TDI engine which is producing 184ps and 380nm this manual leon will get our stage 1 ecu tune using the obd 2 diagnostic port.

The 184hp engine emits 112g of CO2 per kilometre (combined) and since the diesel particle filter has to stay untouched and healthy we used our stage 1 tune with limited hp on top since this is what will damage the dpf over the years of extensive and aggressive use.

The results though are very good and the over all power curve is stable and consistent.

The bosch EDC17C54 Engine management system has a very good torque control model which allows us to fine tune your engine the best way possible and flashing that software over obd without opening your ecu in minutes.

Our end result is 225.5 ps and 471.4nm over the stock power figures which were at 189ps and 407nm on the crankshaft.

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