Seat Leon FR 2.0l TSI Ea888 Stage 1 260 Ps

This is third Generation Seat leon FR equipped with a 2.0l TSI EA888 Gen 1 engine and a manual Ggarbox.As stock, this car is advertised to have 211 Ps and 280 Nm.

The chassis in the Leon FR has also been tweaked and now has 20 per cent softer springs, a 15 per cent softer front anti-roll bar and a 7mm lower ride height.

Seat has also introduced a kind of electronic limited-slip differential, similar to the systems used in the Alfa Romeo Mito and the new Golf GTI. XDS works together with the ESP (now standard across the range).

It uses electronics to brake either of the driven wheels if it loses traction, while diverting the engine’s torque to the other driven wheel, giving a similar effect to a mechanical limited-slip differential.

The new engine hasn’t just got more power, it’s also lighter than the last unit and offers its maximum torque up from just 1700rpm right through to 5200rpm.Before we tune this car as always we run a diagnostic test to check what is the original power of the car since it is using a free flow air filter and a different downpipe.The results were UN-expected since the car was showing more horse power then the advertised while the torque was spot on 288nm(280 advertised).

In the diagram above you can see the stock and the stage 1 power results.Since the car had bad tires some wheel spin was introduced on 3300rpm during the horsepower measurement however the torque curve after that is smooth and the difference from the original state is just huge.The Ea888 Gen 1 engine has great potential and can be further tuned to reach up to 290ps and 420nm with a stage 2+ software.

The total gains of our stage 1 in this particular car is 260ps and 371 nm using 100 octane fuel.The Med17.5 engine management system was re-programmed through the diagnostic obd2 port.

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