Vw Golf 5 GTI DSG Stage 1 253Ps 352nm

There is no introductions needed. This is the well known Vw Golf Gti Mk5 equipped with a Dsg gearbox. One more client has chosen our services for providing the best all around software for this chassis since 2006.

The tuning method is known to us for the last 12 years in the 2.0l Tfsi engine and we will provide only the best results with the flat-est possible dyno curve on this dsg mk5.Our client has only modified the last part of the exhaust that gives the back end of the car an R32 look.

Our fuel quality is 98 octane and the re-calibration will be done only to the engine management system as the client requires only a stage 1 remap.

The dsg gearbox has torque limitation to protect itself and those limits are usually set at 350nm which is exactly how much we got out of this car on our awd mustang dynamo-meter. The original software measurement was not done initially in this particular car as client requested the measurement some days after we applied our stage one remap using the obd 2 diagnostic port.

Now here is our flawless diagram on a car that already has 156.000km on the clock with 98 octane fuel.The power curve is stable up to the limiter the torque is controlled and absorbed perfectly by the DSG gearbox without compromising any of the engine parts.

The 252Ps and 352Nm is enough to make anyone happy from day one considering that this platform is already 13 years old (First Gti came out in 2005).The stage 1 remap can be easily upgraded in stage 2 if you decide to replace come key components and remap the DSG gearbox to allow more torque and horsepower.

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