Audi Rs6 V10 TFSI 681Ps 900Nm

One of the biggest Tfsi engines from the Group Vag Family is the V10 Tfsi most commonly used on the Audi Rs6.Here you can see our stage 1 and 2 gains using a stock Rs6.In stage 2 catalysts have been removed and the stage 2 software was installed.


Both Stages are using a completely stock car using 100 octane fuel.In stage 2 we removed the catalyst converters in order to allow more flow from the turbochargers through the original exhaust system.


So here we have 636Ps and 869Nm in stage 1 with 100 octane fuel and 680ps and 900nm on stage 2 with De-cat and 100 octane fuel.with an aftermarket exhaust system adn a set of free flow air filters we can achieve power levels that exceed the 720ps barrier.


As always all the development was done in our in-house 2000ps Mustang awd dyno using lambda analysis for a perfect result.Here is the video, enjoy.

Available Hardware and Software numbers :

Hw: 0261S02573  Sw: 398567

Hw: 0261S02371 Sw: 395111

Hw: 0261S02781 Sw: 505008

Hw: 0261S02371 Sw: 398562

More available.

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