Audi S1 Stage 1+ 319ps 453nm

The Audi S1 is Audi’s smallest S model car and a performance version of the Audi A1. It has 228 hp (231 PS / 170 kW) derived from the Volkswagen group’s EA888 gen 3 – 2.0 liter turbo four cylinder engine, and permanent quattro four wheel drive.

The three door S1 accelerates from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds and, the 5 door ‘Sportback’ variant takes 0.1 seconds longer at 5.9 seconds. Both models have a limited top speed of 50km (155 mph) which we can deactivate with our software remap.

The s1 can be really aggressive in the right hands.The badge itself has a much older vintage: the Sport Quattro S1 was Audi’s brilliant short-wheelbase addition to the phenomenon that was Group B rallying (although the homologated road car ditched the ‘S1’ bit).

Our task today is to tune this s1 with our stage 1 + remap including some gargle or (pops and bangs) fuel cut overrun sounds.The fuel we are using is 100 octane in order to be able to pull out the maximum power from our stage 1+ software modification.Here are the results.

As stock the car produced 248ps(231ps advertised) and 385nm (370nm advertised which is common for all the new ea888 gen 3 mqb engines.Our stage 1 software remap in the original simos 18 engine management system which was done through the obd 2 diagnostic port has raised the power to 319Ps and 453nm in a totally stock car.

Video Here :

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